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Commodity Brokers’ Various Types

Commodity brokers come in a variety of forms and are the backbone of the commodity trading industry, serving the expanding needs of market participants. Most became online commodity brokers to meet the demands of easy order placement and quick execution times, though some still have a floor presence in commodity exchanges. Trading with the best commodity broker can boost traders’ profitability. The types of commodity brokers are described here by Forex exchange rate malaysia 2023.

Floor Broker
A floor broker is an independent participant in an exchange who has the ability to act as a broker for other participants in the event that those participants require assistance with processing their order flow. An individual who trades accounts for their employer’s business or for personal gain is not the same as a floor broker.

Merchant of Futures Commissions
In exchange for the orders they obtain from customers, FCMs are paid commissions. Collecting the necessary margin from traders is another duty that falls under the purview of an FCM. The delivery of the agreed-upon assets is one of the most crucial tasks. With the appropriate supervising authority, each FCM must continue to be registered.

Presenting Broker
All other responsibilities, like as back-office administration and transaction execution, are given to associated brokers. The majority of IBs often collaborate with an FCM, either independently or as a direct functioning subsidiary of the FCM.

Advisor for Commodity Trading
Technical, fundamental, and quantitative CTAs make up the three categories. CTAs are employed by financial institutions such as mutual funds, hedge funds, banks, HFTs, or individual traders to offer investment advice and services connected to trading.

Commodity Pool Operator
Using different methods, goods, and leverage, a CPO solicits investments from businesses and accredited investors for trading on exchanges.

Associated Person
Facilitating and managing sales is an AP’s responsibility. The public does not have access to the APs’ knowledge of order flow, so they cannot take advantage of the data themselves.